Lessinia Stone

Lessinia Stone

Lessinia stone, formerly known as “Prun stone”, is a limestone that appears in the quarry in the form of horizontal layers ranging in thickness from 4 to 40 cm, whose crust presents itself in bright red, pinkish colours and white or white-green.
The layers, with thickness up to 10 cm, are used squared with natural split or scratched, for flooring of gardens, paths, paving or fences.

Still in the rustic and garden sector, this stone, suitably worked, is used to aesthetically emphasise remarkable beauty, such as natural split or chipped Bolognini stone for walls, for natural split creases.
Particular use is made in the construction of planters, benches, handmade and machine-made tables, fireplaces and wells for gardens.

Lessinia stone slab
External entrance in pink Lessinia stone

Characteristics and uses

Characteristic is the use made of it on the Verona city paving and as a covering for the roofs of all the houses in Lessinia.

The thicker layers are processed like marble, obtaining valuable results for the edges and sills of windows and doors, with the possibility of obtaining a thicknesses from 4 to 20 cm with considerably lower costs than other marble materials.
Said contours can be honed, polished or knurled with bush-hammered, topped or chiselled edges.

Today, thanks to modern processing technology, Lessinia stone is a highly appreciated material for paving indoor environments such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, taverns…, as it creates a particularly warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Lessinia stone is finished in detail in various ways according to tastes and uses.

Discover the three types of Lessinia stone

White stone slab from Lessinia

Pietra bianca (White stone)

Perfect and elegant, it is mainly used for flooring, cladding and processed products for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lessinia pink stone slab

Pietra rosa (Pink stone)

Resistant to climatic changes, it characterises the urban and residential furnishings of Lessinia.

Pietra Primaneve (Primaneve Stone)

Modern and easy to manage, it is suitable for any type of solution.