Lessinia Stone

Pink Lessinia stone

Pink Lessinia stone has always characterised the urban and residential furnishings of Lessinia, both outdoors with flooring, cladding, walls and fences and indoors with kitchens, flooring, stairs and fireplaces.

Its main feature is the ability to resist climatic changes, a very topical issue.

Indoor cladding in pink Lessinia stone

Elegance and functionality

Over the years, Guardini Pietre has consolidated the experience and knowledge of the Stone, obtaining awards that make it the real star of the show in various contexts with elegant and functional works:

Modernity and classicism characterise countless unique environments in their style.

Available finishes

Lessinia stone, an original and inimitable product, is available in finishes suitable for any type of environment and use.

Guardini Pietre offers services dedicated to professionals and individuals, including the warehouse of slabs ready for delivery.