Lessinia Stone

Street furnishings

Lessinia stone is ideal for street furnishings thanks to its compactness, high resistance to wear and to atmospheric and chemical agents.

Street furnishings identifies each inhabited centre with a very precise and functional identity.

Case history: Pink Bench

The Pink Bench version 2.0, a bench in pink stone from Lessinia, has as its official partner the Consorzio Tutela pietra della Lessinia, which defined the project.

An authentic pink bench in Lessinia stone with 3 different processes, including the special “Quarry Split” process, recognisable in its two shapes.

The Pink Bench project
Dolomytos Museum of San Candido
Interior of the Dolomytos Museum in San Candido

Case history: Dolomytos Museum Dolomytos

In the heart of San Candido, crowned by the mountains, the Dolomytos Museum, which is dedicated to the history of flora and fauna, was inaugurated, a living bridge between past and present, with fossils witnessing the origin and development of the Dolomites.

Thanks to Guardini Pietre’s design skills and strong knowledge of the material, a unique work of its kind has been created, using stone with a natural surface in a completely new way.

The sizing of the slabs with specific shapes and the creation of the fixing points of the slabs was successful thanks to the use of digital design technologies and numerical control machinery.

Lessinia stone becomes the real star of the show, both outside and inside the museum.