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Fossil in Lessinia stone

What we do

Guardini Pietre has been privileged to understand stone and know how to work with it.

In the Lessinia quarries in Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, at the Gobbe quarry, the Lovare quarry, the Paradiso quarry and the Gorgusello quarry, it found the best stone to supply large and small construction companies and retailers for varied uses: flooring, cladding, and outdoor furnishing solutions, sinks, kitchen tops, windowsills, fireplaces and much more indoors.

Modernity and classicism characterise countless unique environments in their style.

Lessinia stone is considered the ideal material indoors and outdoors.

It is durable and resistant, good for cladding, doors and windows, windowsills, flooring for residential, urban and civil furnishings.

Discover the three types of Lessinia stone

White stone slab from Lessinia

Pietra bianca (White stone)

Perfect and elegant, it is mainly used for flooring, cladding and processed products for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lessinia pink stone slab

Pietra rosa (Pink stone)

Resistant to climatic changes, it characterises the urban and residential furnishings of Lessinia.

Pietra Primaneve (Primaneve Stone)

Modern and easy to manage, it is suitable for any type of solution.

A unique material,
layer by layer

From 4 to 40, from the intense rose quarry split, to pink, to Primaneve, up to white.

Up to 10 cm2 with natural split or scratched, used for outdoor flooring, paths, paving and piazzas.

In the rustic and garden sector, this stone, suitably worked, is used to aesthetically emphasise remarkable beauty, such as natural split or chipped Bolognini stone for walls, for natural split creases and for the construction of planters, benches, handmade and machine-made tables, fireplaces and kitchens for gardens.

In the urban sector, the paving and roofs of the Lessinia houses are characteristic.

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